Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Sunday Conversation Preview

Why do Amish accept rides in cars and hire vans for transportation, but forbid the ownership  by Amish of them?


Why do some Amish talk on cell phones, but don’t allow them in their homes?

 Why do the Amish use tractors around the farm, but not for plowing?

The answers to these intriguing questions and many more will be given at our next Sunday Afternoon Conversation. Nick Siegert will present The Amish and Technology: How the Amish Deal with Modern Technological Challenge, Sunday, November 16th, 3:00PM. One of the defining characteristics of the Amish is that they put definite limitations on their use of technology, but the Amish do not reject technology.  They are very careful and selective in its use.  They utilize many aspects of modern technology, but are very careful to control its impact on their culture. Nick Siegert will give a PowerPoint presentation and answer questions. The public is welcome.  Admission is Free.

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